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Welcome to Nagoya Law School's Student Wiki



Information Pages:

  • Living in Nagoya - Information about living in Nagoya
  • Nagoya University - Information about the university
  • StudyTips - Tips about studying (Japanese, law, writing your thesis, defending your thesis, etc.)
  • CompuTers - Information about using computers in Japan
  • OtHer - Other interesting information
  • AskaQuestion - Post questions here hopefully someone will know the answer
  • LinKs - Links to other Nagoya University Wiki pages


Community Pages:

Using this site


Wiki Help

This wiki was started on June 7, 2005

This is not a publication of the university, it is a site run by individuals. As such, the university does not take responsibility for the contents. Here students and staff can freely edit this page. The hope is that we as a community can share our vast combined knowledge and help each other. Since any member can edit this page please take care when changing the content. If you have any requests or problems please contact me through the law school.


Sam Edwards

Mail me@ nagoyalaw at gmaildotcom

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